Latest Court Action

I have finally got my case into court. We have moved past the Merit Hearing. Southern Illinois District Judge Michael J. Reagan issued his Memorandum and Order on the Harris-vs-Director Baldwin, et al., 18-cv-0711-MJ-RJD on December 19, 2018. He then handed the case down to Magistrate Judge Reona J. Daly. Latest Court Action.

So I immediately filed a Motion to Serve Defendants at Government Expense…

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The Right To Be Free From Illegal Punishment

In the prison system you have the cellhouse, a building where four wings intersect at a hub in the center. This hub is a circular control booth with windows facing toward the four wings. The front of each wing, whether it is A, B, C, or D, is full glass from the floor to the ceiling, so that the staff has a complete view of each wing. Continue reading “The Right To Be Free From Illegal Punishment”