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Commissary Closed Again

I appreciate any calls to Governor Rauner.

Commissary is being closed again tomorrow because the CAO has failed to fill the openings. Has allowed the one commissary employee to shut the commissary down because she is the only one ringing out sales tomorrow. She states she is not going to work if nobody else is. So she will come in and collect around forty-eight dollars an hour for refusing to do her job. CAO condones this conduct under his watch.

Be a great story for an investigative reporter. — Larry Rocky Harris 7-13-2018

No Commissary: 22 Days and Counting

Again, due to mismanagement of commissary staff we are at 22 day span since the last shop.

CAO has let the commissary staff get lazy again. Four paid positions to ring out sales. But only two windows running each day. Profit of 100% running the four houses each week down to 25% profit each month. If I was the taxpayer picking up this extra tax burden I would be pissed about the mismanagement of this industry ran by the CAO here.

Went from once a week to once a month. Crazy— Larry Rocky Harris 7-11-2018

Going To The Dogs

Tomorrow the three dogs in the Dog Program at Shawnee will graduate. So the Warden is shutting down the whole prison and placing it on Holiday Schedule. So no commissary tomorrow.


The prisoners will not be able to buy the soy-free food and other things they need.

So the dog graduation ceremony is closing the prison down for three dogs completing their training. Can you believe this? Holiday schedule because the Springfield brass is to be here. Would not want one of the prisoners talking to Springfield administrative staff.

No gym, no commissary, maybe no yard too. Crazy. They will stop generating the commissary income to offset taxpayer cost in supporting prison taxes. All this for three dogs completing their training course.

Even got the choir singing for the dogs. I bet the taxpayers will love this. Four windows to generate sales. But never have all four open.

Now they close it all day for this. Crazy!

Larry Rocky Harris 6-5-2018

Boiler Problem Being Denied Each Year

No hot water in the kitchen. No steam tables to keep food at 160 degree temperature required by health codes. No hot water in tray room to wash trays. Required 180 degree temperature to clean trays, cups and spoons, washed in cold water. Greasy film on everything.

No hot water in cell house showers. Violation of the 8th Amendment. Illegal to be required to shower in cold water in winter.

Need to expose the poor conditions of this punishment prison. Cold showers all week is making people sick. ‘Celly’ sick from cold showers.

Rocky Harris 2-13-2018 No hot water hose in kitchen to clean it! No hot water in kitchen to clean with. Scary place to eat at.

The guys here are telling me that the guards were questioning them about the grievances they have filed on discriminatory treatment here. They stated that my name was mentioned, which is a violation of the First Amendment protection on complaining about conditions of confinement.

I have no say about their filing these grievances.

The day shift officer called me out today trying to tell me this was a “medium maximum” prison. But I explained to him that this concept was disbanded in 2011 as illegal. Then I produced the Consent Decree where the Director signed off stating a new ruling that levels 2, 3 and 4 were now all medium facilities. But they continue to treat this prison (Shawnee) differently, with harsher conditions of confinement. So I believe the law will rule in my favor, as all prisoners classified for medium security must be treated the same.

So the guys that heard the conversation about the concept of running a “Punishment Prison” as illegal wanted to discuss this. They liked my theory of law and filed the grievance knowing that I am going to take it to court to get a judge to rule on the question of equal treatment.

So if I go off the radar again it means they have put me in illegal segregation to silence this First Amendment activity. This will be yet another civil rights violation. So if you do not get my weekly messages you know the reason.

This question of law has them vexed.

Rocky Harris 1-31-2018